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Cookie policy.

Cookies are pieces of data consisting of letters and numbers that are stored in the cookie directory on your computer or device. Since a webpage has no memory of a visitor’s actions, cookies are used to enable functionality and features such as storing a visitor’s personal preferences for repeat visits or, if the feature is available, enabling users to register with the website so that they may comment on news stories. Hayne uses cookies to maintain our website and provide features. Please see Hayne’s privacy statement for more information regarding how Hayne handles information you provide about yourself.

Types of cookies


  • Analytics cookies – these cookies are used by Hayne and third-parties to help understand how visitors use a website. The information collected by these cookies may include where a person has come from, what country they are in and the pages that a visitor has used.

  • Session cookies – session cookies enable a website to remember a visitor as they move between pages in the website. In this way a visitor does not need to re-enter any data they may have previously submitted during their visit.

  • Third party cookies – these are cookies used by services outside of Hayne’s control. The majority of third party cookies can be blocked by adjusting your web browser’s settings. For more information, on how to change your web browser’s settings, please read “Disabling cookies” below.

  • Advertising cookies – these cookies are used by third-parties to show you advertisements that the advertisers feel you would be interested in based on web sites that you have visited. Hayne does not have any control over these cookies. The majority of advertising cookies can be blocked by adjusting your web browser’s settings. For more information, on how to change your web browser’s settings, please read “Disabling cookies” below.

  • Social Media cookies – We use various social media sites including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Social media cookies permit members of various Social Media websites the ability to like, share and bookmark various pages within our website. You may view details of the cookies which they operate on the relevant social media websites.


Disabling cookies

For more information regarding disabling cookies, either:

  1. Refer to your browser’s ‘Help’ menu

  2. Visit – for more information on how to control cookies and limit personal data processing.

  3. Visit – for comprehensive information on how to change your cookie settings in a wide variety of different web browsers.

  4. If you wish to opt out of interest-based advertising click visit (or if located in the Americas visit

  5. You may universally opt-out of all Google Analytics tracking used by all websites by visiting the following url –


Cookies used by Lovonlash

Google Analytics Cookies: Google Analytics is a website monitoring tool that allows users to see volumes of website visitors, their source, and to analyse how the content of their website is viewed and navigated. This in turn allows optimisation of the content and pages and the marketing programs that drive traffic to the website. Google Analytics does not store any personal information about website visitors, but does use persistent cookies to identify repeat visitors.

CRM & Email Marketing – We use a CRM and Email Marketing Platform which uses cookies to identify the email and website activity that our CRM contacts carry out in. This information is used by Eco Glitter Fun to profile contacts and target them effectively with the correct content based on their interests.

Email Marketing Post-Click Tracking Cookies: These cookies are used to report on the links clicked and emails opened by our contacts whom we have sent email marketing campaigns. This analysis helps us to improve and tailor future campaigns.

Beacons/Pixels: In our emails we use web beacons. When we send emails to Customers, we may track behaviour such as who opened the emails, who clicked the links and which pages of our website they have visited. This allows us to measure the performance of our email campaigns and to improve our Service and website. To do this, we include single pixel, also called web beacons, in emails we send. Web beacons allow us to collect information about when you open the email, your IP address, your browser or email client type, and other similar details.

For more information about our use of your personal data please refer to our Privacy Policy.


Details of Third Party Cookies used by Lovonlash

Google Analytics Cookies: 

  • Full Tag (cookie) Name: Google Analytics

  • Lifespan e.g. session, persistent:  _utma , _utm, _utmc ,_utmz

  • Full Description (i.e. what it does): Google Analytics cookies do not collect personal data about our website visitors. The data collected by Google Analytics is used to analyse how frequently the same people revisit the University website, how the website is found (from advertising or referring websites), and which pages are most frequently viewed. This information is combined with data from thousands of other users to create an overall picture of website use, and is never identified individually or personally and is not linked to any other information we store about you. Google’s privacy policy | Opt out of Google Analytics

  • Essential / Analytics / Marketing: Analytics

  • Intrusiveness / Justification: LOW

WIX website cookies: 


Cookies are implemented in every site built by Wix. Read more about them here  Take a look below to view which cookies Wix implements on this website:

Cookie name | Life span  |  Purpose

  • svSession | Permanent | Creates activities and BI

  • hs  |  Session  |  Security

  • incap_ses_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID}  |  Session  |  Security

  • incap_visid_${Proxy-ID}_${Site-ID} | Session | Security

  • nlbi_{ID} |  Persistent cookie  |  Security

  • XSRF-TOKEN  |  Persistent cookie  |  Security

  • smSession |  Two weeks |  Identify logged in site members 

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