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  • What do I need to get started with these lashes?
    You can start with as little as a set of lashes & a glue or you can choose any one of our starter sets in S,M or L which includes 3 sizes plus a mini glue & a handy applicator. Choose your favourite style or feel free to message if you want help choosing. There are loads of customer images frequently posted on our FB group & instagram to help you choose. Or you can send a photo of your favourite lash extension look for a recommendation of what style could create a similar look. S: 8,10,12mm 'I want a bit of extra lash & want people to wonder if I might be wearing extensions 🤔' M: 10,12.14mm 'I want to know Im wearing lashes & want people to give me a second glance & comment on my beautiful lashes'🥰 L: 12,14,16mm 'I want others to KNOW Im wearing lashes biissssh! & be jealous & ask where they are from & I can say they are from Lovonlash baby & you can get them too !!' 😝
  • How easy are the lashes to apply?
    They are super easy to apply! it can take a little getting used to because its a bit unusual sticking lashes underneath your lashes but once you get the hang of it you can throw a set of lashes on in about 10 mins to last you a week or more & you will wonder why anyone ever did it any other way ! Best of all there are loads of application videos if you join our lovonlash family FB group or follow on insta @lovonlashx with tips on application x
  • Are the lashes easy to remove?
    Yes! the glue is a latex free soft cure glue - closer to strip lash glue than Professional extensions glue . Oil based makeup remover gets them off super easy. We also sell a remover to make it even easier xx
  • Can I reuse these lashes ?
    As an Eco conscious company, we recommend cleaning & reusing your lashes, as its good for your pocket & the environment. Check out our Reuse page for a lash laundry demonstration. The lashes are handmade & are designed to be delicate not robust. But with gentle care there is generally about a 90% survival rate for cleaning 🥰
  • How Do I choose a Lash Glue?
    Both glues are Amazing & Latex free. Its really a personal preference as they are different colours & have different applicators. The debate over which is best continues. The Clear Glue is great for beginners & its the best option if you have any sensitivities as it has less ingredients. it starts off white & dries clear & has a small brush applicator. The black was an upgrade product has a handy mini mascara wand & a few extra ingredients designed for a longer hold. Everybody's Eyes/skin/sweat is different & the debate continues over which is best 🥰 But the most important thing to remember with these glues is 'LESS IS MORE!' 😘
  • Help me get my lashes to stay on more than a day or 2
    Less is more with Lovonlash glue! It looks like strip lash glue but it's not the same . it doesn't dry to a rubbery solid like strip lash glue you cant add a blob & wait for it to dry! It needs to be applied in fine barely there layer The glue stays soft & tacky so a fine layer will hold the best - the lashes are so delicate that they only need a slight tacky layer of glue to hold in place all week long A blob of glue will never dry, it will squish through the lashes & create a bit of a sticky mess & the lashes are likely to slide off. if you manage to. get them to hold then there will be too much movement & they just won't stay on as long. Top tip is to apply the glue & then touch your lashes with the side of your finger - if its wet then just keep dabbing until you dab away the glue on to your finger & it stars to feel sticky - it should feel sticky, not wet . Your lashes should feel sticky not wet, if your lashes feel wet then keep dabbing until it feels sticky xx
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