how to clean & rEuse 

Eco lashing!
Good for the environment & your pocket!
Reuse your lashes 
until they fall apart!

Recycle & reuse wherever possible. x

With gentle care these lashes can be cleaned & reused until they fall apart so here are some tips to make the most of them. 

Once you have removed the lashes pop them in a container, (I use a little glass jar with a screw top lid).


Pour in just enough rubbing alcohol to cover the lashes & leave to soak. The longer you soak, the easier they are to clean. I like to leave mine to soak overnight. you can see that the glue swells up & looks like jelly gunk! that's when they are ready for cleaning.  

On a lint free surface with a soft make up brush, I like to use plain paper. Gently rub away any excess gooey glue residue & set aside to dry. 

once dry, comb through with a clean spoolie to fluff the lashes back to life.


Please note as the lashes are hand made, there will always be slight inconsistencies 95% of the time they can be cleaned & reused many times, be extra gentle to avoid losing any fibres when cleaning.  


When Im done, I like to keep my lashes clean & safe in a lash extensions drawer. I use with silicone pads on the trays to hold the lashes gently in place. See below for links to useful lash care items x.  

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