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Lash style: LACE  

Uk's first ever Biodegradable DIY lash extensions made from revolutionary BDP® plant based fibres💚♻️

Pre cut segments.


Mixture of varying length faux mink fibres longest measuring the following size options: 8mm,10mm,12mm, 14mm, 16mm


C curl & 3D Layer effect, high quality PBT/BDP Biodegratable synthetic mink 0.05-0.07mm diameter fibre.


Super soft ultra fine black band.


Delicate & lightweight. 


BDP® plant based fibres that help to super speed up the natural decomposition of plastic materials.


Making it a safe plastic for the environment & avoids introducing microplastics in to our ecosystem 🥰


BDP® attracts microbes to the plastics which in turn will digest them.

Once in oxygen free, microbe rich environments such as landfills, oceans and soil. What would otherwise take centuries, BDP® reduces to years.


The lashes are exactly the same as all other styles in every other way.

Same delicate featherlight lash segments

Same reusability

Same lasting wear

Just as good, only better 🥰

Lace Lash - Biodegradable

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